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 Increasing the Effectiveness of Your Europe email list Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing can Europe email list be used to communicate information about new services with your existing clients, you can execute mail-shot press releases to interested stakeholders and you can use email marketing Europe email list to launch promotions to prospective clients getting them to step onto the first step of your sales pipeline. The majority of small businesses favor the use of email marketing because of its low cost, Europe email list historic return on investment and convenience. However, this has resulted in not only clogging up the in-boxes of most prospective clients but also all but a few messages Europe email list are deleted without being read. It seems that email marketing has become the victim of its own success.

A recent digital marketing Europe email list survey revealed an average open rate of less than 20% for SME marketing emails. An open rate is intended to show the number of people who actually opened your email and looked Europe email list at it. If it isn't opened, it will never be read and you won't get a chance to convey your message to your target audience.

The challenge for Europe email list marketing in 2013 therefore is to create email messages that stand out among the clutter in your target audience's inboxes and that get opened, read and acted upon. The key to success Europe email list with email marketing is increasing the open rate of your messages. We recommend customizing the 'from' field so that you email grabs the maximum possible attention from your target audience. Rather than just inserting Europe email list your company name in this field try and add on a few adjectives that tells the reader Europe email list what your company does or better still, which gives them an incentive to open up your email.

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